Seahawks to the next level



Joe Walker (LB): Oregon

(Division I)


Jeremy Lutali (LB): Portland State

(Football Subdivision)


Lonnie Turner (WR): Western Kentucky 

(Division I)


Cleshawn Page (CB): Boise State (Division I)


John Miller (C): Syracuse (Division I)


Watson Tautuaaki (DL): Ohio (Division I)


Akeem Lewis (DE): South Alabama

(Football Subdivision)


Esston Al-Uqdah (S): San Jose State (Division I)


Rheid Skipps (G): Duquesne

(Football Subdivision)


Jarrell Wright (DT): Eastern Illinois (Football Subdivision)





Dwayne Frampton (WR): Arkansas State (Division I)


Darryl Feemster (CB): Arkansas State (Division I)


Prentice Gill (CB): Arkansas State (Division I)


Dominique Blackman (QB): Old Dominion (Football Subdivision)


Kyle Sharman (DE): Presbyterian College (Football Subdivision)


Kevin Romero (QB): Nebraska-Kearney (Division II)





Kyle Flynn (WR): San Jose State (Division I)







Jubal Thomas (WR): West Virginia (Division I)


Tyrone McKinney (RB): Utah State

(Division I)


Chrisean Christopher (WR): Boise State (Division I)



Theron West (RB): Washington State (Division I)


Niu Sale (G): Washington State (Division I)


Elijah Sala (LB): Idaho (Division I)


Matt Willis (LB): Idaho (Division I)


Olawaola Falemi (CB): Texas Tech (Division I)


Wesley Nichols (RB): Morgan State

(Football Subdivision)


Kendle Warren (LB): North Carolina Central (Football Subdivision)





DeQuin Evans (DE): Kentucky (Division I); signed as free agent with Cincinnati Bengals


Chris Matthews (WR): Kentucky (Division I)


Phil Tonga (DT): Akron (Division I)


Andrew Trudnowski (QB):

Charleston Southern

(Football Subdivision)


Jon Vicars (G): Colorado State-Pueblo (Division II)


James Vicars (T): Colorado State-Pueblo (Division II)


Frankie Jones (WR): Cal Lutheran

(Division III)





Nick Ekbatani (OL): UCLA (Division I)


Jaycen Taylor (RB): Purdue (Division I)

Jeff Clark (TE): San Jose State (Division I)

Sean Flynn (QB): San Jose State (Division I)


George Fa'avae (DE): Idaho (Division I)


Anthony Bolis (WR): Marshall (Division I)






Jason Mitchell (WR): USC (Division I)


Monte Parson (DE): California-Berkeley (Division I)


Kevin Sperry (LB): Washington State (Division I)



Byron Moore Jr. (CB): Tennessee (Division I)


John White (RB): Utah (Division I)


Sterling Carter (TE): Purdue (Division I)


Joey Trapp (T): Mississippi State (Division I)


Paramore Tapa (DE): Middle Tennessee (Division I)


A.J. Ropati (LB): UTEP (Division I)


Austin Flynn (DE): Arkansas (Division I)


Justin Doerner (P): Rutgers (Division I)


Ahmad Wood (S): Portland State

(Football Subdivision)


Delano Cook (LB): Adams State (Division II)


Puncho Aiono (DT): Adams State (Division II)





Deryn Bowser (WR): Akron (Division I)


Billy McClellan (CB): Kansas State (Division I)


Josh Luapo (DE): Washington State

(Division I)


Jeremy Bryant (CB): Hawaii (Division I)






Fatu Turituri (OL): Kentucky (Division I)


William Vea (DT): Oregon State (Division I)


Cameron Stephenson (DT): Rutgers (Division I)


DeWayne Hollyfield (DE): Arizona State (Division I)


Rakine Toomes (CB): San Jose State (Division I)


Thomas Stevens (OL): Nevada (Division I)

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