•  Address mindset, behaviors, persistence, and success

  •  Enhance Student-athlete engagement

  •  Support interaction between athletes, coaches, faculty, staff, and support programs

  •  Give student-athletes a platform to find their passion and purpose and then to take action

  •  Give student-athletes the tools and support needed to successfully advance in their education and sport

  •  Create a higher level of success and camaraderie among the student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff of the college



To enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education.

The program supports student-athlete development and excellence in five areas: 

  •  Academics

  •  Athletics

  •  Personal Development

  •  Career Development

  •  Community Service


Purpose & Mission
REPS Study Hall:

Study Hall is:

  • Monday: 2:30-5; 6-8

    Tuesday: 12:30-2:30; 6-8

    Wednesday: 12:30-4:30; 6-8

    Thursday: 12:30-2:30; 6-8

LOCATION: Softball Training Room, Outside Portable Room
CONTACT: Leslie Trujillo, cordovld@lahc.edu,  Paula Brown, brownpf@lahc.edu, and Norkor Omaboe, omaboenc@lahc.edu

Learning Resource Center Labs (need to sign up for 8950 Class, 0 units, No charge, not on transcript):
Math Lab: 9-8 Monday-Thursday, 9-2 Fri, 9-1 Sat
Writing Center: 9-6 Monday-Thursday
LOCATION: Learning Resource Center, First Floor
CONTACT: Megan Lange, Langemm@lahc.edu


Mentors will be available to guide and work with the student-athletes on the various areas of successfully navigating through their athletic and academic journey.
DETAILS & LOCATION: TBD                                                                   
CONTACT: Leslie Trujillo, cordovld@lahc.edu

CHAMPS Menor Program


Counseling is available by appointment from 8am-12noon Wed & Thurs and 8-11 on Friday.
Walk-ins are from 1-3 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
CONTACT: Norma Torres torresna@lahc.edu
LOCATION: PE 158 or Counseling Offices



Various Workshops will be held on Fridays from 11-12:30
Topics covered and specializing in: 

  •  Goal Setting & Time Management                                                                                 

  •  Etiquette & Communication                                                            

  •  Stress Management and Competitive Anxiety                             

  •  Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, Sports Nutrition

  •  Money Management & Financial Aid                                           

  •  Drugs and Alcohol Awareness                                                         

  •  The Go-Giver (Community Service)                                               

  •  Building a Championship Team                                                                                                     

  •  Diversity                                                                                                               

  •  Confidence & Mental Toughness                                                   

  •  Teamwork & Conflict Management                                              

  •  SUCCESS (Grand Finale)                                                                                 


CONTACT: Leslie Trujillo and Norkor Omaboe 
LOCATION: PE 142 or Gymnasium



Counseling is available by appointment (possible walk-in) from 10-12 on
Mondays and 3:30 to 5:30 on Thursdays. 
Topics covered and specializing in:

  •  Individual counseling (Including crisis)

  •  Relationship counseling (couples, family, etc.)

  •  Emergency and crisis counseling

  •  Coach/player, or teammate conflict resolution

  •  Sports performance planning for current or upcoming seasons

  •  Individualized academic support / coursework management strategies

  •  Strategies for effective balancing of academic and athletic responsibilities

CONTACT: Pam Anderson, Google voice number for appointments: 424-703-4293


Academic Counselor
CHAMPS Workshops
Sports & Life Couneling Program

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