LAHC Strength & Conditioning Coach

Leslie’s quest for excellence in athletic performance started in high school when she had coaches that were constantly negative and laughed at her dreams of taking her performance to the next level. Her coaches could not tell her how to improve and didn’t believe that she could realize her dreams, so Leslie started to do her own research. She read books and magazines about improving vertical jump and strength. There was no professional guidance and she didn’t have access to an athletic performance coach. She found herself frustrated in dealing with negative and unknowledgeable coaches. 


    It wasn’t until college that Leslie was exposed to positive and knowledgeable coaches. Her tennis coach told her that she would have a chance to compete with the best if “she worked hard and dedicated herself to improving everyday.” That was the first time someone told her that she was in control of her athletic potential. Also, college was the first time that she had access to a Strength & Conditioning Coach that inspired and empowered her to improve her performance through proper training. Leslie started reading books on improving the mindset, earned her degree in Exercise Science,  and dedicated herself to the performance training. She raised her level of greatness and earned “The Most Spirited Award” while playing Division I Collegiate Tennis at the University of New Mexico. 


    Experiencing what was truly possible when you have access to the proper tools, guidance, and support, Leslie decided she wanted to help other athletes along their journey. She became an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Loyola Marymount University, while earning a Master’s in Education at LMU and a Master’s in Kinesiology: Sports Management at Cal State University of Long Beach. 


    In 2003, Coach Cordova became an Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Notre Dame where she trained all athletes (specializing in tennis and golf). She trained under Coach Mickey Marotti, who has won National Championships in Football at the University of Florida. In 2004, Coach Cordova became an Assistant Speed, Strength, and Conditioning Coach at the University of Southern California. She was in charge of Women’s Basketball, Soccer, and Golf; as well as assisting with all aspects of Football. While training at USC, the Football team won the National Championship, two athletes won the Heisman award, the basketball team went to the NCAA tournament, athletes earned All-American awards, and she experienced the techniques and training methods the athletes used to raise their level of performance and turn their athletic dreams into reality. She trained under Coach Chris Carlisle, who has won many National Championships at USC and Tennessee.